Sourayudhathil vidarnnoru kallyaana

Swapnam is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 1973. Wikipedia
Release date1973 (initial release)

Movie: Swapnam
Lyricist : ONV
Music : Salil Chowdhary
Singer : Vaani Jayraam


Sourayudhathil vidarnnoru kallyaana
Sougandhikamanee bhoomee
Athil souvarna paraagamaanomale nee
Athin sourabhamaanente swapnam
Swapnam swapnam

Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum
Ennennum thalirkkunna soundaryamenno
Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum
En jeevanaadhante sindhooramenno (en jeeva)
En aathma sangeethamenno
Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum

Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum
Aarum paadaatha paattinte maadhuryamenno
Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum
Choodaatha poovinte nishwasamenno (chooda)
Nishwasa sougandhamenno
Ninne njaanenthu vilikkum (sourayudha)


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